The Master Plan (CD version)

by The I-Twins

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“The Master Plan” refers to a spiritual concept, according to which everything happening in our lives follows a sort of divine, mysterious and ungraspable plan, but fundamentally good. In some events that we experience, we can perceive signs implying that this was meant to be. At times the plan seems beautiful to us, at times incomprehensible and spiteful.
Why do we say that? For whether we are right or wrong, whether this is a reality or a fantasy, we believe that this vision can enable us to live a more serene life and comprehend our tribulations with philosophy: even though reality may seem revolting to us, accepting it and having faith in life will always give us more positive perspectives and more strength to change what is wrong and unjust, and fight for a better living, for ourselves and for others.
Are violence, war, hatred, misery, injustice, greed, inequality part of this plan? If so, why? Or is it humans who distort a plan which was originally good? No one knows. But to us, this conception of life can make us not only humbler, but also better equipped to be actors of the change.
This is the main idea of the album and that can be found in most of the songs, whether they deal with our relationship to pain, death, important shocks of our lives or love relationships.


released June 24, 2017

All lyrics written by Camille & Quentin Chappuis. Music composed by Camille & Quentin Chappuis with the participation of Mathias Liengme on tracks 2 and 10. Horns theme on track 9 composed by Michael Borcard. Arranged by Camille & Quentin Chappuis with Alexandre Schneiter, Antonin Chatelain, Mathias Liengme, Primo Viviani and Solal Excoffier.

Played by Alexandre Schneiter, Anthony Buclin, Antonin Chatelain, Camille Chappuis, Jérôme “Jeronimo” Nidegger, Julien Plaza, Léo Marin, Mathias Liengme, Michael Borcard, Primo Viviani, Quentin Chappuis, Raphael Anker, Roberto Sánchez, Solal Excoffier and Stéphane “Stuf Addis” Lambercy.

Recorded at Bridge Studio (Geneva) by Mathias Liengme. Overdubs at I-Twins Studio (Geneva) by Quentin Chappuis and at Lake Mountain Studio (Vevey) by François Spreng

Mixed by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark (Spain) and mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering (Scotland)

Artwork by Jeanne Tara and design by Céline Nidegger

An I-Twins Records production



all rights reserved


Fruits Records Geneva, Switzerland

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Track Name: Intro - The Master Plan
God creator has a master plan
Peace and happiness for every men
God creator has a working plan
Peace and harmony through all the land
God creator makes but one demand
Peace and happiness for every men
Track Name: Answer To Job
I heard the voice of my friend last night
He was crying
I heard him whispering in the dark
He was wailing
Eli, Eli Lama sabachtani
Ahaha, Eli

In my morning prayers
I pray for you my friend
I pray for you to understand
You never suffer in vain
In my morning prayers
I pray for you my friend
I pray for you to find treasures
In each one of your tears

I heard the voice of my friend last night
He was crying
I heard him whispering and then shout
He was bawling
Eli, Eli Lama sabachtani
Ahaha, Eli

May you be strong enough to realise
That everything you live
comes for a greater good
Whether you can see it or not
May you be strong enough to love your destiny
No matter in pain or joy
No matter in tears or laughter

Don’t ever feel no shame
For you’re not the only one
To drop tears at night
You’re not the only one
Don’t ever feel no shame
For even the greatest man
Sometimes loses all hope
And curses the life he’s living
Don’t ever feel no shame

I heard the voice of my friend last night
He was crying
I heard him calling your name out loud
He was dying
Eli, Eli Lama sabachtani
Ahaha, Eli
Track Name: Jah Saved Me Once (CD mix)
Never felt more alive than when approaching death
And on that day Jah gave me a whole new breath
And if I had to rewrite my life

I wouldn’t change a single line

Jah saved me once

But will she save me twice?
Jah saved me once
But shall he save me twice?

Jah strengthened my faith that day
When I was losing my way
What more can I say?
She gave me a second chance
And made my life be so intense
What a gift so immense
Life strengthened my faith that day
When I was leading astray
What more can I say?
Can’t say nothing but thank you

I’ve got so many unanswered questions
Tell me, why me?
Why not him? Why not her? Why not my neighbour?
Tell me, why me?
Track Name: Welcome (CD mix)
Father, I pray Thee
You’ve got to hear my plea
Father, I pray Thee
Oh please listen to me
Protect our family
And bless the baby

A child was born today
We’re all gathered around him
Let us join our hands and pray
Give him love and affection
Father you know it’s true
We will give him
So much love

Father, I pray Thee
You’ve got to hear my plea
Father, I pray Thee
Oh please listen to me
Protect our shelter
And bless the cradle

When he faces tribulation
Let him stand right
In front of all the temptations
Make him stand right
This world is crazy, it has no pity
Please guide his steps

Oh my forefathers please
You’ve got to be his guiding light
May your wisdom be with him
Lead his way in this world
But I beg you never to let your pains haunt
His days and night
Track Name: Scars
Don’t hide your scars
Because they’re part of who you are
Don’t hide your scars
Because they remind you you’re alive
Don’t hide your scars
Because they’re part of who you are
Don’t hide your scars
Because they remind you you survived

First it’s hurting
Or maybe even bleeding
Life has taken its toll on you
But you got over it
Yes, you made it through
Your wound turned into a scar
Now it’s part of who you are

No need to show off
But nothing to be ashamed of
You’ve experienced pain
You’ve grown and you’ve learnt throughout time
That’s what they’re here to remind
Your scars are beautiful
Because they’re the proof you healed once and for all

Don’t you try to evade the memory
Accept it, deal with it, live with it
Because your scars are your history inscribed in your skin
And your blood and tears served as the divine ink

Don’t you try to hide your scars
Your scars are beautiful
Your history’s beautiful
You are beautiful
Remember you’ve got over it
Track Name: Farewell
Poor are those who live too long
Until they feel nothing but pain
Who live until there’s no more light in their eyes
Until there’s no more will in their soul

One day when your work is over
When you have enough of living
One day when you want to longer
To wake up tomorrow morning
I hope you’ll leave this world
Without, without a cry
I hope you’ll leave this world
Smiling at it

Why to live, to live in vain
With an everlasting pain
Your mind lost in a maze
Your body decaying and hurtful

I hope that one day
I’ll sit against a great tree
My bare feet in the soil
My hands in the autumn leaves
Breathe slower and slower
Until my time is over
Close my eyes
A forest as my last vision
Track Name: Modern Slavery
How do you think

You can buy fancy your phone so cheap?
Do you think it’s magic?
I bet you don’t

Is it hypocrisy? Is it stupidity?
You’re anyway far away from reality
Far, far away

Modern slavery
Can’t pretend you don’t see
Modern slaves straining in the shadow
Can’t pretend you don’t know

Now you tell me “it’s so far away
What can I do anyway?”
What can you do?
But oh, your resignation
Your passive position
Make me sick
What a cowardice!

The clothes you wear
The sweets you eat
The phones you buy
Hide the sweat and tears of modern slavery
Don’t act as you’re surprised
Don’t pretend you’re horrified
Because I know it’s easier for you to shut your eyes
Open your eyes!
Track Name: Brothers Of The Street
Oh, brothers of the street
If I don’t look at you
It is not that I don’t care
It is not to cry
Oh, brothers of the street
If my tears

Could rip you out of you misery
I’d spread them like rivers

Walkin’ in the street, the other day
Wrapped in warm clothes
Enjoying the cool breeze
I was full of hopes
A smile on my face
When I saw you brother
Lying on the cold concrete
Homeless and hungry

How come I’m here?
How come you’re there?
What did you do to deserve this life?
What did I do for mine?
How come I’m here? How come you’re there?
The ways of the Father, I can’t understand

Freedom is a prison
As long as one man is shackled
Track Name: Capital
Deregulating everything
You say “Let markets be free”
But that ain’t no liberty for me
Not for me
Because I don’t care
About being free to consume
I am a citizen, not a consumer

Why should capital
be freer than the people?
Why should capital
be freer than us?
Let the people be free
Free to move and free to live
There is a goddamn alternative

You think you’re free
Because your life was made easier
Cheaper, sweeter
But that ain’t nothing but an illusion
Behind the smokescreen of economic liberty
Hides the reality of soul slavery

It’s all about trade, money and profit
They say that’s for the people’s benefit
But I don’t buy it
People are nothing but simple pawns
Down there markets rule over the nations
And the sun never seems to set on the empire
Of multinational corporations

Now we got to resist
I don’t want your so-called freedom
You can keep it
And you can even burn it down
Track Name: God Of Abraham
What have you done in the name of my Father
God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob
What have you done in the name of the one who is, who was
And ever will be, God Abraham

Abraham followed the commandments of the Almighty
He took his son Isaac to the mountain
He tied him up and started the fire
He took his knife, ready to give his son as holocaust

But god made his hand weak
He tested the faith of his servant
But he would never let the blood
Of the innocent be shed in vain

Simeo and Levi were two sons in the house of Jacob
They left to avenge their sister Dina
They took their sword, they took their anger
And killed the people of their enemies

Jacob told them “my sons
What have you done you fools?
You set war amongst the people
You set war against our host”

You put my pardon to test
How can I bless you anymore?
Track Name: Who's The Dreamer Now?
Who’s the dreamer now?
Who’s living in a world of fantasy?
Disconnected from reality?
Certainly not me, ‘cause I see
We’re in a state of emergency
We need a massive change, now

Who’s ignoring ecological crisis?
Who’s holding on to fake promises?
Promises, promises, promises
Of eternal abundance
Promises, promises, promises
Of man’s almightiness

Annihilating barriers
Of time, space and nature
This is ancient history
Your big dream is over
Now we got to face reality
Simple living is a must
I’m not saying it will be easy
Just that it’ll be necessary

Because I want a different future
You say I’m a dreamer
But thinking we can go on headlong
This is the genuine utopia
Our backs are against the wall
We’ve already heard the last call
Now whose vision is utopistic?
And whose vision is realistic?
Track Name: Thrills (CD mix)
It was a nice night of June
With little drops of rain
It was a warm night of June
With lightings in the air
And the cool breeze
Bearing smells of lime trees
We’re standing face to face
I’m looking into your eyes
You’re looking into mine
Your smile makes me weak
What shall I do? Should I kiss you?

It was a cold morning of December
The land covered with snow

It was a bright morning of December
The land drowned in the mist
And everything was still
Not a move, nor even a breath

We’re lying face to face
Our voices sound so damp in this white world
Our hearts beat so strong
Should I be true and tell you I love you?

It was a dry day of August
The land covered with straw
It was a burning day of August
The land slowly dying
There was a crow in the sky
Coming from the left to our sight
We’re sitting face to face
My voice has gone so grave
She feels the truth that is coming
My heart beats so slow
How shall I tell her it’s over?
Track Name: Rebirth
Going for a walk outside
The sun shines bright in the blue sky
The smell of lime trees lingers in the air
Primroses have bloomed everywhere
Birds wooing one another
Nature’s risen from slumber
Sweet sight, sweet smell, sweet melody
Sweet season make me so lively

I’m gonna pick a primrose for my mother
While I’m singing, singing
What a joy to behold this beautiful nature

I know it’s so common
It’s just an ordinary cycle
But like the birth of a new-born
It’s such a miracle
It’s light taking over darkness
It’s life taking over death
It’s the promise of a new start
Renewing our hopes and warming up the heart

I’m gonna listen to the sweet bird singing
And I’m smiling, smiling
I can finally say “here comes the spring”

Happiness is at hand
No need to look for the unreachable
Happiness is at hand
If we can be satisfied with little
Happiness is in an exchange of smiles with a stranger
In the spectacle of nature
It’s when you share all this with your beloved ones
So let us all sing together as one

I’m gonna wander near the still blue waters
Enjoying the morning
I’m gonna watch the majestic swan swimming